"Beam it down, Spotty!"

Seamless Solar Solutions, Inc.

Bringing solar energy to your backyard

Alan J. Levine, president and founding partner of Seamless Solar Solutions

  • Mr. Levine graduated with honors and earned his BS from American University in Washington DC with a degree in Communication and Commercial Management.
  • Mr. Levine started in sales with Oscar Mayer & Company, followed by sales positions at Pitney Bowes and Canon USA.
  • Mr. Levine is owner of Mario’s Pizza House in Arlington VA, the oldest continuously-operating restaurant in Arlington VA.
  • Mr. Levine is the founder and driving force behind Doctor Delivery, the area's largest third-party restaurant delivery company,
  • In the late 1980s, Mr. Levine was VP of Commercial operations for Mount Vernon Real Estate and was responsible for more than $100 million in transactions in just 2 years, while managing 10 sales agents.
  • Mr. Levine founded Hybrid Pedals in 2009 to distribute products by Pedego and other electric Vehicles. Hybrid Pedals also controls the distribution rights to several other e-bikes, including Velomini, Thrust Bikes, and several other reputable e-bike manufacturers through his sister company for the metro area and all GSA-DOD nationally and internationally along with all restaurant delivery vehicles.
  • Mr. Levine and his affiliates also own the rights nationally to and several other startups, and he was one of the founders of Safety And Health Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to health education and healthy living.
  • Mr. Levine is the master licensee of for all of the Washington Metro region and all sporting and endurance arenas.
  • Mr. Levine has been active in the community and has been awarded several honorary awards, most recently the partner of the year by Arlington County's Car Free Diet Program. He has been devoted to developing new products related to both solar and electric bike applications.
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